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Friday, February 8th, 2008
5:08 pm
Short Notes about Weasels
Having the widest range of North American Weasels, Long-Tail Weasel adapts readily to many habitats. Not fussy, He rests in rocky crevices, under woodpiles, or in another animal’s burrow. Not only does He feeds on Rodents living in rocks, but also Chickens roosting in henhouses.

Busy at night, Long-Tail Weasel climbs rocks looking for Prey. With his keen sense, He smells an animal living underground. Hearing a slight sound, Long-Tail Weasel follows the noise to a burrow. Enabled by his skinny body and short legs, He pursues the unfortunate animal along narrow underground tunnels until He kills his Prey.

Long-Tail Weasel’s most distinctive characteristic is his black tail tip. This protects Him against Hawk, who flying high sees only the tip. Thinking it is Long-Tail Weasel’s head, Hawk swoops down intent on killing Him. Since it is only his tail, Long-Tail Weasel fools Hawk and escapes unharmed.

Long-Tail Weasel teaches courage and daring. If cornered, He fights his enemy instead of running away. Unafraid of people, He enters a hen house to steal Chickens. Learn courage and daring from Long-Tail Weasel, but do not get caught.

Long-Tail Weasel Teaching : Protection

Among the Karuk Indians of northwestern California, the Weasel is considered a teacher and protector. There are many stories about Weasel outwitting witches and serving as a crusader against the evil actions of those who are jealous, wicked, and mean. Weasel is a powerful animal ally called upon to protect oneself and one’s family against the challenges and attacks of sorcerers.

Important Long-Tail Weasel Teaching : Offering Truth

Look to weasel power to tell you the ‘hidden reasons’ behind anything. Observe who or what needs attention, or a solution and offer your assistance in your own quiet or discreet way.

Long-Tail Weasel’s Wisdom Includes :

How to be Cunning and Swift
How to Protect Yourself and Keep Safe
Using Your Intelligence
Employing All Your Senses


Live Life Fully From the Heart

Painting of Weasel

Because of their high metabolism, Members of the Weasel Family hunt endlessly. Since They are long and skinny, They also lose heat in their bodies. To keep warm, Members of the Weasel Family consume a lot of food. Long-Tail Weasels kill every Chicken in henhouse for stockpiling in lean times. Least Weasels cache hundreds of Rats and Mice in their burrows. Minks hoard Muskrats and Ducks They have killed. The bodies of the killed Animals provide food and insulation for cold winter days.
Members of the Weasel Family are great chasers. Tireless hunters, Least Weasels bound and zigzag across brushy ground after Rodents. European Polecats dart into burrows for Rabbits. Ferrets race into tunnels chasing the Inhabitants out of their homes. Swift and agile predators, Minks swim streams and marshes in pursuit of their Prey. Pouncing on the unfortunate animal, Weasels kill their Prey with a bite to the back of the head.

Belonging to the same Animal Family as Badger and Otter, as well as being a relative of Skunk, Members of the Weasel Family have glands that produce a strong smell. In fact, people claim that Weasel musk is stronger than Skunk scent. Medieval folklore says that Weasel’s smell could kill the legendary Basilisk. Since Members of the Weasel Family prefer to live solitary lives, They leave their scent to tell Others to hunt elsewhere.

Silent and graceful, Members of the Weasel Family go unseen and unheard about their territories. They quietly observe what is happening and then discern what is important. Since Weasels move unseen, scouting out their Enemies, Native Americans sought blessings from Weasel, when going into battle.

Shamans use Least Weasels as guides to underworld realms. Their primal energy and fierce courage make Them formidable allies. As Spirit Animals, Members of the Weasel Family are not easy to work with. Minks have forceful personalities but are powerful allies in gaining good fortune.

Ermine in winter

Among many people, Members of the Weasel Family have a mixed reputation. European folklore says that if Weasel appears near a house and squeaks, death is near. Meanwhile, only royalty wore Ermine, since they thought of Her as morally pure. Even though ancient Israelites considered Weasels unclean, Egyptians considered Them to be sacred animals. In China, Weasel was one of the five animals able to hear everything said.

Various Members of the Weasel Family have a poor reputation among many people for being cowards. This is simply not true. In fact, They are bold and confident in taking on Animals larger than Themselves. Moreover, Members of the Weasel Family are tenaciously aggressive. Weasels have been known to kill Hawks, who were trying to kill Them.

Ancient Greeks said that the Goddess of Retribution, Nemesis, took the form of Weasel to pursue justice. Carpathians believed that Weasel would attack by the thousands to avenge the death of one of their own. To honor Weasel, they held Weasel festivals on St. Matthew’s Day. Medieval Christians regarded Weasel as a spiritual warrior able to defeat the Devil with faith.

Weasel was one of two animals who could kill the mythical Basilisk. (The other was Cock.) Because Weasels kill Snakes, symbols of vice, Christians thought of Them as a Symbol of Christ the Purifier. St. Jordan of Battberg had a pet Weasel that represented his attribute of vigilance and watchfulness.

Medieval Europeans claimed that Ermines would rather die than dishonor Themselves. Because their coats turn brown in the summer, White Ermines seem to die in the spring, but are reborn in winter. Christians took Ermine to be a symbol of Christ’s Resurrection.

Members of the Weasel Family do not do things in half measures. They live life with all of their heart. Ferrets race down tunnels out of curiosity, while Minks travel great distances for Fish. Folklore tells of Weasel’s ardent nature in confronting wrongs. Members of the Weasel Family put their whole being into what they do. Learn from Them to do the same. Experience life with all your senses. Live life fully but do not burn out while doing it, for Weasels have short lives.

Take time to read what the Individual Weasel Teachers have to teach.

Mink in a marsh

Important Weasel Family Teaching: Quickness

“The power that weasel calls its own is quickness. Many animals are fast over distances, but few can rival the darting speed which weasel can move. If Weasel comes to you, it may be saying that you need to move more quickly in some aspect of your life.” Copyright: “Animal Energies”, Gary Buffalo Horn Man and Sherry Firedancer.

Important Weasel Family Teaching: Look at the Hidden Meaning of Things

“Because Weasel is so tiny, her abilities are often underestimated. Weasel medicine and wisdom teaches us how to look beyond the superficial to never underestimate other people or situations. She helps us to size up things accurately no matter what the appearance.” Copyright: “Shamanic Wisdom II”, Dolfyn and Swimming Wolf.

Weasel Family’s Teachings Include:

According to Dr. George P. Butler, Sr., Weasel also teaches 'Cunning and Stealth'. Read more about Weasel at his site. Do not forget to use your back button to return to this site.

Weasel Family’s Wisdom Includes
Moving Quickly
Fierceness and Warrior Energy
Achieving Justice and Retribution
Small Size is No Barrier to Success
Obtaining Deep Inner Intuition
Being Fearless and Tenacious
Possessing Cunning and Stealth
Guidance to the Underworld

Black-Footed Ferret

Note: The song, “Pop Goes the Weasel”, refers to a spinning or a hatters tool which is portable and able to be pawned, and not to Weasels.


Weaseling one's way into something. Weasel is an energy Tom Clancy's hero would envy - the stealth to enter places undetected, the eyes to see behind facades, the nose to smell out the truth, the ears to hear secrets others might like to kept hidden. Weasel changes color - natural camouflage. Weasel is the loner, preferring to sit at the edge of a crowd watching everyone rather than getting distracted by any one person.
Weasel's visit carries many lessons. As usual, the lesson depends on the circumstances. Weasel may be reminding you that your insights make you a valued ally to those with whom you form partnerships. Weasel may be warning you that someone may be trying to put something over on you and you need to keep your eyes and ears open, or you may be deceiving yourself, despite what you "know". You are the worst person you can lie to, regardless how small you might convince yourself that lie is.
Weasel may be reminding you to use your talents for the good of mankind and Mother Earth. Weasel may be telling you that you have withdrawn too far from others. Perhaps it is time to allow others into your life again. Knowing about life through observing others is totally different from living it yourself. It is time to "Get a life!"
If you have been doubting yourself recently, Weasel may be telling you to clear away any fog that may have set in to blind you to what you KNOW.
5:07 pm
A bat who fell upon the ground and was caught by a weasel, pleaded for his life.

The Weasel refused, saying,” I am by nature the enemy of all birds, and I can’t let you off. ”

The bat assured him that he was not a bird, but a mouse, and thus saved his life.

Shortly afterward the bat again fell on the ground, and was caught by another Weasel, whom he likewise entreated not to eat him. The Weasel said,” I hate mice! I’m going to kill you.”

The Bat assured him that he was not a mouse, but a bird. The Weasel replied,”If you’re a bird, show me you can fly.“

And thus the bat escaped death a second time escaped.


The ability to see alternative viewpoints is a great wisdom.
4:57 pm

"Call of the Weasel Clan" / Urshel Taylor
This piece can be viewed in its full form at the ArtNatAm Gallery along with more of Urshel's work
All Art work is copyrighted © by the Artist and may not be used without permission
Monday, March 6th, 2006
2:30 pm
More Random Weasel bits...

Deep, old magic of the dark,
Warrior balance of the light,
Teach that evil lies within,
Never in the day or night.

Stealth, Silent Observation

This totem is a difficult power totem to have.
It is a rare gift and great ability.
Weasel medicine can teach you to find out secrets through the power of silent observation.

Most Weasel people are loners, graceful, solitary and silent. They are very intelligent.
People do not see their power immediately and often underestimate them.

Weasel totem will awaken your innate ability for observation.
Trust your own instincts and you will avoid trouble and pursue your goals to greatest success.
Use your Weasel medicine to observe what or who needs attention
and offer assistance in your quiet or discreet way.

re: http://www.linsdomain.com/totems/pages/weasel.htm
2:25 pm
Why weasel is nervious...
A Swampy Cree story
The weasel, Sihkooseu, once played a
bad trick on the Bitter Spirit,
Wesukechak. That is why they are not

The important chief Bright Nose,
Wastasekoot, of the Swampy Cree tribe,
had a lovely daughter who was admired
by many chiefs who wished to marry
her. Though she loved one of the
chiefs, here father decided to hold
a council and the first chief to guess
her secret name could marry her.

She agreed because she thought that
the only one who knew her name was
the one she loved.

Bitter Spirit decided to enter the
contest with everyone else. Since
he did not know her name, he made
a plan to discover it. He went to
the old net maker, the spider, and
asked him to call on the girl and,
by some trick, discover her name.
Spider agreed.

He climbed a tall tree, spun a long
thread, and floated on it until he
neared the camp of the chief with
the beautiful daughter. Then he
floated down onto the top of the
chief's wigwam, peeped down, and
saw the father and daughter talking
about the contest, and heard the
chief whisper to his daughter,
"Nobody will ever guess that your
secret name is For-ever-and- ever."

In this way, the Spider discovered
her name. He was very pleased with
himself at learning this so soon,
and set off to tell his friend.

Spider walked many days through
the forest because there was no
suitable flying wind. He began to
worry that he would arrive back
too late. Then he saw the weasel
and begged his help. He asked
Weasel to hurry and tell Bitter
Spirit the girl's secret name and
Weasel agreed.

But as Weasel started running, he
began to think things over and
decided to use the information for
himself instead of telling it to
Bitter Spirit as he had promised.
The more he thought about this, the
more he liked the idea.

Weasel went to the chief's camp
where the guessing contest was being
held. One by one, the guessers failed.
Since the girl's suitor knew her
secret name, he felt safe and did
not go early, so Weasel was there
before him. When Weasel's turn came,
he told the chief that the girl's
name was For-ever-and-ever.

The chief was amazed and the
daughter fainted. Being honorable,
the chief accepted Weasel as his
son-in-law-to-be and set the date
for the marriage.

Weasel was very happy, so happy
that he forgot about his mean trick.

The spider finally reached home and
asked Bitter Spirit when his
wedding was to take place.

Bitter Spirit replied that he did
not go to the council, since he did
not have the name in time, but he
had heard that Weasel had won the

Spider was very angry and told
Bitter Spirit what really had happened.
Bitter Spirit became very angry and
told the girl's father about it.
Then the chief became angry with
Spider for listening and with Weasel
for his trick. He decided that they
were all at fault and his daughter
could choose for herself.

The happy girl did so.

Weasel heard that he was to be
punished, so he ran away. He ran
and ran. Even today, he stops and
listens and trembles, as though
Bitter Spirit is still chasing him.

re: http://members.tripod.com/selkywolf0/WHYWEASELISNERVOUS.html
2:18 pm
weasel women
A Micmac Legend
Áa, in the morning, when the men have gone out to hunt, these two women just walk off deeper into the forest, and disappear from that camp.

They are happy, these two women. They are Skusískwaq, Weasel Women, and their skins are very white, like every Weasel Person's fur is, in the wintertime. And these two Skusískwaq are sisters. Older Sister has Power. She takes them deep into the forest, and there she builds them a shelter-camp. Younger Sister makes a small fire.

Now it is night. The sun has gone beneath the earth, and those two sisters, those two Weasels, are lying there looking up at the stars. Older Sister says to Younger Sister, "Those are Persons up in the Sky World. Look at their eyes, shining up there."

Younger Sister says, "Which one would you like to have for your husband, lying with you in the morning? One with big eyes, or one with little eyes?"

Older Sister says, "I choose that one there, the shiniest and brightest."

Younger Sister says, "Oh, that one. That one is ugly."

"So," says Older Sister. "So then. Which one would you have?"

"I will have that little star there, the little red one."

And then these two Weasel Women fall asleep, looking toward the east, where their two stars are hunting across the night.

Now it is morning. Younger Sister stretches under her furs; she is waking up. Her foot touches something.

"Be careful!" cries a little squeaking voice. "You have upset the bark dish of nepíjekwati, the medicine for my eyes." Younger Sister sits up. Who has spoken? By her side is a little small old man, with a wrinkled face and sore red eyes. It is that small red Star Person. She has called him to be her husband, by talking in the night. She has called the Star With Sore Eyes.

Now Older Sister begins to wake up. She moves a little under her sleeping robes. "Watch out, woman," says a man's voice. It is a deep strong voice. "You have upset the bark dish with my sikwan, my red ochre." Older Sister rolls over and sits up. Lying there next to her is a man, a tall man, a strong man. His face is painted with red ochre. It is her Star Husband, whom she has called to her by talking in the night. She has called the Star With Shining Eyes. So these two Weasel Women are caught again, and they must be the wives of Stars.

"I have nothing to give you to eat," says Older Sister.

"We will not eat until we have come home from hunting," says her husband. "You can gather wood and tend the fire, and prepare for our return. But there is one thing you must not do."

Áa," says Younger Sister's Husband, the Star With Sore Eyes. "There is one thing you must not do. You must not move that flat rock which lies before the wigwam. You must not move it, you must not lift it."

"Very well," says Older Sister. "We will cook for you on your return."

Now many days go by. The Weasel Women go out to look for sipeknk, the ground-nuts, wild potatoes. They are digging them up, they are going to cook them. And Younger Sister is talking again.

"I wonder what is under that flat stone?"

"You leave that flat stone alone," says Older Sister.

But Younger Sister keeps talking about it, and soon she has talked herself right up to it, and soon she has talked her hands right on it, and then she is lifting it up.

She lifts up the stone and looks under it.

"What is there?" asks Older Sister.

Younger Sister screams.

"Where are we?" shrieks Younger Sister. "Where are we, my Older Sister?"

Older Sister pushes her aside, and looks under the stone, looks to see what is making her little Weasel Sister yell so. And she sees: they are in the World Above the Sky. They are standing on top of the sky. The stone is covering a hole in it, and through this hole she can see down, down, down to the earth below, to the forest, to the little shelter-camp she built the night the two of them lay talking together about the eyes of stars.

Older Sister bursts into tears. Younger Sister bursts into tears. These two Weasel Women weep until their eyes are red with crying.

Way out in the forest of the World Above the Sky, the Star Husbands are hunting. And they begin to know something, feeling wrong. They begin to feel their wives crying. "We had better go back," says the Star Husband With Shining Eyes. "They must have lifted the stone," says the Star With Sore Eyes. "Listen to them crying."

It is almost evening when those Star Persons come out of the forest. Their Weasel Wives are trying to cook, trying to pretend that nothing has happened.

But Star Persons have Power, and they know. "What has troubled you today?" they are asking their wives. "What have you been crying about?"

"Nothing is wrong," says Younger Sister. "We have not been crying."

"Ah," says the husband of Older Sister. "I think you have been looking through the hole in the sky. I think you have been lifting the stone and looking down at your world. And I think that you are lonely and want to return to it."

Older Sister looks up at her Star Husband. She cannot say anything. She looks at him and tears start to come out of her eyes.

"Very well," he says to her. "You may go back to the earth world."

The old Star With Sore Eyes tells them, "Tonight, Weasel Women, you must sleep close together. You must keep your fur robes over your heads. And in the morning, when the sun comes from beneath the earth, you must lie very still. Do not take the robes from over your heads, do not open your eyes. First you will hear the chickadee calling. Keep your eyes shut. Next you will hear Apalpaqmej, Red Squirrel Person, you will hear him singing. Do not open your eyes. After a long time, you will hear Atu'tuej, Striped Squirrel. He will sing, and then you may open your eyes."

"If you do as we have told you," says the tall Star Husband, "you will find yourselves back in your shelter-camp, the place you were lying the night you invited us to come and be your husbands."

So these two Weasel Women lie down together and cover their heads with sleeping robes. The night passes, and in the morning they hear the chickadee. Younger Sister, always impatient, wants to leap up, but Older Sister forces her to lie still. "Wait! Wait until we hear Atu'tuej," she says.

After a long while they hear something singing. What is it? It is Apalpaqmej, Red Squirrel. And that foolish Younger Sister, that silly Weasel Woman, she jumps at the noise and throws off the covers. And then she begins to squeal.

"Where are we, my Older Sister?"

Older Sister sighs and opens her eyes. The sun has come from beneath the earth, and these Weasel Women are back in their own world. But they have opened their eyes too soon on the way down, and now they are stuck in the top of a tall, tall pine tree, a kuow tree. There are no branches in this tree, except a few at the very top, and these two women cannot get down.
2:14 pm
weasel man... hmmm.
An Achomawi Legend
Sixty little spider children shivered as they slept. Snow had fallen every day for months. All the animals were cold, hungry, and frightened. Food supplies were almost gone. No one knew what to do. Blue jay and Redheaded Woodpecker sang and danced for Silver Gray Fox, who floats above the clouds. Since Silver Gray Fox, the creator, had made the whole world with a song and a dance, Blue jay and Woodpecker hoped to be answered with blue skies. But the snow kept falling.

Finally the animals decided to ask Coyote. "Coyote's been around a long time, almost since the beginning. He might know how to reach Silver Gray Fox." They went to the cave where Coyote was sleeping, told him their troubles, and asked for help. "Grrrrowwwlll...go away," grumbled Coyote, "and let me think." Coyote stuck his head into the cold air outside and thought till he caught an idea. He tried singing in little yelps and loud yowls to Silver Gray Fox. Coyote sang and sang, but Silver Gray Fox didn't listen, or didn't want to. After all, it was Coyote's mischief-making when the world was new that had caused Silver Gray Fox to go away beyond the clouds in the first place.

Coyote thought he'd better think some more. Suddenly he saw Spider Woman swinging down on a silky thread from the top of the tallest tree in the forest. "Spider Woman's been on Earth a long, long time," Coyote thought. "She's very wise. I'll ask her what to do." Coyote loped over to the tree and lifted his ears to Spider Woman. "Spider Woman, O wise weaver, O clever one," called Coyote in his sweetest voice, "we're all cold and hungry. Everyone's afraid this winter will never end. Silver Gray Fox doesn't see m to notice. Can you help?" Spider Woman swayed her shining black body back and forth, back and forth, thinking and thinking, thinking and thinking.

Her eight black eyes sparkled when she spoke, "I know how to reach Silver Gray Fox, Coyote, but I'm not the one for the work. Everyone will have to help. You'll need my two youngest children, too. They're little and light as dandelion fluff, and the fastest spinners in my web." Spider Woman called up to her two littlest ones. Spinnnnnn! Spinnnnnn! They came down fast, each spinning on eight little legs, fine, black twin Spider Boys, full of curiosity and fun. Spider Woman said, "My dear little quick ones, are you ready for a great adventure?" "Yes! Yes!" they cried. "We're ready!"

Spider Woman told them her plan, and the Spider Boys set off with Coyote in the snow. They hadn't gone far when they met two White-Footed Mouse Brothers rooting around for seeds to eat. Coyote told them Spider Woman's plan. "Will you help?" he asked. "Yes! Yes! We'll help!" they squeaked, and they all traveled the trail towards Mount Shasta until they met Weasel Man looking hungry and even thinner than usual.

Coyote told Weasel Man his plan. "Will you help?" asked Coyote. "Of course," rasped Weasel Man, joining them on the trail. Before long they came across Red Fox Woman swishing her big fluffy tail through the bushes. "Will you help?" asked "Of course, I'll come," crooned Red Fox Woman. Then Rabbit Woman poked her head out of her hole. "I'll come too," she sneezed, shivering despite her thick fur.

Meadowlark wrapped a winter shawl around her wings, and trudged after the others along the trail to the top of Mount Shasta. The snow had stopped, but the sky was still cloudy. On top of Mount Shasta, Coyote barked, "Will our two best archers step forward?" The two White Footed Mouse Brothers proudly lifted their bows.

"Everyone listen," barked Coyote. "If any one of us is only half-hearted, Spider Woman’s plan will fail. To get through the clouds to Silver Gray Fox, we must each share our powers whole-heartedly, our thoughts, our dreams, our strength, and our songs. Now, you White-Footed Mouse Brothers, I want you to shoot arrows at exactly the same spot in the sky."

Turning to the others, Coyote said, "Spider Boys, start spinning spider silk as fast as you can. Weasel Man, White- Footed Mouse Brothers, Red Fox Woman, Rabbit Woman, and I will sing and make music. We must sing with all our might or the Spider Boys won't make it." "One!" called Coyote. Everyone got ready. "Two!" The animals drew in deep breaths. The Mouse Brothers pulled back their bowstrings. "Three!" Two arrows shot straight up and stuck at the same spot in the clouds.

"Whiff wiff! Wiff wiff!" sang the White Footed Mouse Brothers. "Yiyipyipla!" sang Red Fox Woman. "Wowooooolll!" sang Coyote. Rabbit Woman shook her magic rattle. Weasel Man beat his very old and worn elk-hide drum. The Spider Boys hurled out long lines of spider silk, weaving swiftly with all their legs. The animals sang up a whirlwind of sound to lift the spider silk until it caught on the arrows in the clouds. Then the Spider Twins scurried up the lines of silk and scrambled through the opening.

All the while, down below, the animals continued singing, rattling and drumming. The little Spiders sank, breathless, onto the clouds. Silver Gray Fox spied them and called out, "What are you two doing here?" The Spider Boys bent low on their little legs and answered, "O Silver Gray Fox, we bring greetings from our mother, Spider Woman, and all the creatures of the world below. We've come to ask if you'd please let the sun shine again. The whole world is cold. Everyone is hungry. Everyone is afraid spring will not return, ever."

They were so sincere and polite that Silver Gray Fox became gentler, and asked, "How did you two get up here?" The Spider Boys said "Listen, can you hear the people singing? Can you hear the drum and rattle?" Silver Gray Fox heard the drum and rattle and the people singing. When the Spider Boys finished telling their story, Silver Gray Fox was pleased. "I'm happy when creatures use their powers together. I'm especially glad to hear Coyote's been helping too. Your mother, Spider Woman, made a good plan. To reward all your hard work, I'll create a sign to show that the skies will clear. And you two may help.

"First picture the sun shining bright," called Silver Gray Fox. The Spider Boys thought hard and saw the sun sending out fiery rays in all directions. "Now, where sun-rays meet the damp air," sang Silver Gray Fox, Picture a stripe of red, Red as Woodpecker's head, Add a stripe nearby of bluest Blue Jay blue. The Spider Boys thought hard, and great stripes appeared of red and blue. Silver Gray Fox chanted, Now in between, Add stripes of orange, yellow and green! The Spider Boys thought hard. Then, dazzling their eyes, a beautiful bright arc of colors curved across the whole sky above the clouds. It was the very first rainbow.

Meanwhile, down below, beneath the clouds, the animals and people were so cold, hungry, and tired that they had stopped singing and drumming. Spider Woman missed her two youngest children. Each day she missed them more. She blamed Coyote for the trouble. So did the other animals. Coyote slipped away silent, lonely and sad. Above, on the clouds, the Twins rested. Their legs ached and their minds were tired.

Silver Gray Fox said, "You did what I asked and kept it secret. That's very difficult, so I'm giving you a special reward. On wet mornings, when the sun starts to shine, you'll see what I mean." Then the Spider Boys spun down to Earth, and ran back to their mother as fast as they could. Spider Woman cried for joy and wrapped all her legs around her two littlest children. Their fifty-eight sisters and brothers jumped up and down with happiness. All the animals gathered around to hear the Spiders story. When they finished, the Spider Boys cried, "Look up!" Everyone looked up. The clouds had drifted apart. There, bridging sky to earth in a radiant arch, was the very first rainbow.

Sun began to warm the earth. Shoots of grass pushed up through the melting snow. Meadowlark blew her silver whistle of spring across the valley, calling streams and rivers awake. Coyote came out of hiding, raced to a distant hilltop, and gave a long, long howl of joy. The animals held a great feast to honor the rainbow, Silver Gray Fox, Spider Woman, the Spider Twins, Coyote, and the hard work everyone had done together.

To this day, after the rain, when the sun comes out, dewdrops on spider webs shine with tiny rainbows. This is the spiders' special reward. You can see for yourself.

re: http://www.firstpeople.us/FP-Html-Legends/Achomawi_Myth-Achomawi.html
2:13 pm
Demented Faerytails
Bouncing along the Shore of Sparkle Lake in the late afternoon; Weasel hums to himself as he enjoys the day. From the corner of his eye he catches a gleam of sunlight. Thinking it just the sunlight playing on the water he ignores it, until the gleam hits him again.

Bouncing to the top of a rock on the shore he looks out across the lake. He sees the light bouncing on the water but not from the right place. He bobs and weaves a bit, and then the gleam catches him again. A little confused he plays tag with it hopping along the top of the rock giggling to himself.

He figures out where it’s coming from. The other side of the lake on the shore, underneath a distinctive pine. He looks at the sun, for him the trip around the lake's a whole days trip, and there’s not enough day left.

"There’s a quicker way across" he thinks "let me see who’s around..."

Bouncing off the rock, he goes off looking for some help.

There first he finds is Turtle, enjoying the last of the sun just a few rocks away.

"Hey ya Turtle, what’s going on?"

"You know the same old same old"

"Great, got anything important to do?"

"Nothing but sunning myself here doing my thing"

"I was wondering if I could ask a favor?"

"Sure Weasel what do you need?"

"Well I need to get across the lake quick, and I was wondering if I could get a ride with you?"

"I don’t know, im kind of finishing this sunning I got going on... and I don’t really help out that way."

"But your perfect for it, look at that shell you got sporting! And you love to paddle around! We’ll have a blast!"

"Sorry Weasel, I know I can help, but I got my own schedule, maybe next week sometime..."

"Awww come on its not like im a Scorpion!"

"Maybe next week..."

With a harrumph Weasel jumps onto Turtles shell, and bounds of over the rocks.


"Almost the oldest of us, and he still wont change his pattern... no wonder he got suckered" Weasel mutters as he races along the lake to his next destination.

The rocks give way to a clay embankment, where a laugh and a splash he finds Otter leaping out of the water and climbing the embankment to his slide.

"Hey there Weasel what’s up"

"Not much, hey I was wondering..."

Zoom Otters down the slide into the water. He swims around a bit the hops out heading up the embankment.

"What was that Weasel?"

"I have a bit of a..."

Otters down the slide before he can finish.

"Say again brother?"

"I was wondering if..."

Weasel rolls his eyes, as there’s another splash.

"Dude... you gotta hit the slide! The waters great!" says Otter bobbing to the surface. "Did you want anything?"

"Nah its ok Otter, I was just dropping by to say hi"

The sun lowers closer to the hills and weasel less enheartened walks along the shore. Eventually he gets to the creek leading from Sparkle Lake. Where he watches Beaver finish bringing down a tree.

Getting to the dam watching Beaver work.

"Hey Beaver I have a question for ya'

Beaver stops work and looks up at Weasel at the top of the damn.

"What’s up there Weasel?"

"Could you give me a quick ride across the lake?"

"Sure not a problem Weasel, but its almost quitting time and to late to go across. Why do you want to go to the other side of the lake?”

“Cause I saw something shiny over there”

“You know you shouldn’t spend your time hunting sparks, there’s work to be done.”

Weasel looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Would you go and see what it is if you saw it?”

“Not at all, there’s work to be done…”

“By the same logic there’s sparks to be hunted, I’m just doing what I do.”

The sun dips below the hills signaling the end of the day. Under it, the Humans’ camp, oil lamps come on in the cabins.

"How about tomorrow? Say around dawn?"

"Sure! Not a problem... ill be here before the first sparkle"

"We’ll see you tomorrow!"

Weasel races home, which is a fare bit away. Getting to his den, he heads over to the big maple near it. Taking out his flint rock, he taps on it in an old rhythm. About a minute later he hears the reply knocking. Then in the tree above him Woodpecker lands and looks down.

"What’s up Weasel? What do you need?"

"Hey Woodpecker nothing much, could you knock on the top of my rock to get me up early tomorrow?"

"Not a problem what time?"

"Last star, I need to get to beavers damn before the first sparkle."

"Will do Weasel, see ya tomorrow"

With that Woodpecker fly’s off, Weasel grabs a snack and then settles into his warm den for a night.

The sleep is too short and interrupts Weasels dreams of Pretty Eyes. Coming out of his den with a yawn.

"Morning Weasel..." says Woodpecker

"I think only technically..." mumbles Weasel sipping his coffee.

"Have your self a good one"

Woodpecker wings off and Weasel drinks his coffee and heads to the shore, where he bumps into Badger, who is looking at his piled rocks from yesterday.

"Morning Weasel, not used to seeing you up this early"

Bouncing thru the piled rocks Weasel calls back

"Got a big day! Lots to do!"

Just as promised Weasel gets to the dam before the first sparkle and gets to the top. Listening to the babbling of running water.

'Wait... running water?' Weasel thinks.

Beaver swims up and panics.

"Shit shit I gotta fix this! Could you give me a hand Weasel?"

From the top of the damn the whole doesn’t look that big, and one favor easily deserves another.

"Sure not a problem Beaver"

Badger ends the day looking at the piled rocks and is greeted by a tired, sore, mud up to his knees Weasel.

"Have a good day Weasel?"

"In one way or another"

"Ok well see you tomorrow"

Badger heads to his den. Weasel calls up Woodpecker and crawls into bed.

The next morning comes even earlier and interrupts more of the dream. With slightly less bounce he passes Badger in the morning.

"Another big day planned Weasel?"

"I hope so!"

Bouncing to the top of the damn, he hears the sound of running water. Rolling his eyes he grabs some sticks, as Beaver paddles up.

"Aww man im sorry, if you help out well get it done quick, and then I’ll take you across."

"No problem..." weasel hides his sigh.

Badger washes his paws and looks at his newest piled stones with some pride, in the light of sunset, Weasel walks by slowly, looking more tired and up to his chest in mud. Weasel splashes in the water a bit cleaning silently.

"Long day?"


"Though it looks good on ya, I don’t know what your up to, but its good to see you being productive at least."

Weasel nods wordlessly, sets his alarm and falls into his den.

Badger stretches starting his day and is greeted by a mumble. Weasel walks thru the piled stones and puts down his half finished cup of coffee and wanders off.

"Have a good one" badger calls after him.

Weasel eye twitches as he looks at the damn this time sporting even a bigger hole. He just collects some twigs and heads for the damn.

At the end of the day, Beaver paddles up;

"Well go tomorrow, first thing"

“How does this keep happening? Its bigger every time”

“Hey, its just mud and wood things happen sometimes”

Weasel nods and walks back headed to home.

Badger chuckles when Weasel arrives this time covered in mud all the way up to his ears. Wordlessly Weasel hops into the lake and washes off.

"Long day?"

"Yup... going to be a long night too..."

Badger looks a little puzzled.

"You’ll see" Weasel says getting his half-cup of coffee he left and drinks it headed to his den.

The moon his high and a very awake Weasel stealth’s thru the underbrush as silently as the shadows he’s in. Peering out from the bush the sound of his grinding teeth almost echo as he watches Beaver put an ever bigger hole in the damn.

Slinking back to his den Weasel try’s not to bite a hole in his tongue.

The next day he sleeps in, thru the entire day. As soon as he hears the first hoot of Owl, he slips out of his den wraps himself around the hot coffee waiting for him and looks up at Owl.

They look at each other for a bit.

"Not a word" Weasel says and then sidesteps into the shadows.

Weasel in Human skin paddles his canoe thru the Moon sparkled lake. Silently over to the pine tree on the other side, and hunts around for the sparkle. With a headshake he picks up a red bottle cap.

Looking across the lake at the dam he finger flips his flint and pats the candle shaped cylinder in his pocket. He pushes off the shore and gets back to the plan.

Paddling back to the Humans’ camp weasel ties the bottle cap around his neck as just as the last star fades from view. The entirety of Sparkle Lake is woken up as Beavers dam explodes in a firey blast.

"Paybacks a bitch isn’t it Beaver?"

Weasel smiles and heads back to the cabin, where there’s a set of Pretty Eyes waiting for him.
Monday, November 28th, 2005
10:53 am
(One of the things I love about these is there’s no chronological order)

Come round chillens and sit yerself down, and ill tell you a tail of when weasel learned to wear some new skin.

One-day weasel was skipping along the forest, along the right side of Sparkle Lake. As he turns around a wider tree he bumps straight into a human. They pause for a few moments and regard each other. The human dressed in buckskin leathers, accompanied with a staff, some trinkets and bones charged with respect and belief. After a few moments of blinking the human speaks.

"Oh great weasel, ive traveled from my village to seek out the answers of the questions we seek. Do me the honor of the wisdom of the forest..."

Now weasel usually doesn’t mind yapping his head off, but wisdom really isn’t his forte. Really, when he’s the voice of reason, there’s usually cause for alarm. That and spending the day vision questing wasn’t really in his itinerary for the day. With a quick thought, weasel remembered something that he had dug out of the darkness a while ago.

'Yes’ he thought 'that would do nicely' and puts down his cup of coffee.

"Human," he says "I will do you one better, I will teach you something new... then you can experience what you seek first hand. But there is a cost, and a trade can be performed."

"Name your price, creature... I will pay it."

"Heh... I figured as much... in trade ill take your rock of sparks... now bend down so I can teach you"

"Agreed." says the human thinking the cost of flint was cheep

Weasel scampered up the human cloths and leaned in close to his ear and whispered. The human’s eyes opened in fear.

In a brief few minutes, weasel taught the human the right dance. And in a flurry of wiggles and a ZOT, soon the human was looking up at weasel. Their bodies swapped.

"There you go human, one weasel skin. The forest behind you is filled with the lore you seek, just tell them who you are, and they will teach you." says weasel his hand flipping the flint subconsciously.

"And what will you do while im gone?"

"I will wait here for you, you have until the setting of the sun... when the last sparkle stops on the lake if we are not together it will get interesting." weasel in the human skin, flashes a lil sly smile. Knowing that that’s not the really the case.

With a bound human in the weasel skin bounds off, eager to search for answers. Weasel in the human skin plays with the flint for a few minutes, waiting till humans far enough away; then turns and jogs towards the village a gleam in his eye.

Now needless to say, human in the weasel suit seeks out all the animals of the forest, and learns the wisdom he can from them... but we already know those stories...

Weasel in human skin gets to the edge of the village and wonders how this will go. Remembering he’s wearing the skin of their spooky guy he figures the truth might be the best bet. Stepping into clearing

"Behold! I am weasel! Here to learn what I can and pass on what I will."

The village stops for a few moments and regards weasel in human skin, then raises their voice in cheer. In a few minutes, weasel is taken into the chief’s tent and a feast is prepared in his honor. Weasel never one to pass up a good party, partakes of the delicacies that they provide.

During the feast Weasels eye is drawn to the chiefs daughter, whose dark eyes twinkle with the stars of the nights sky. Often he catches her eye and gets a smile. After the feast, he takes her aside to the edges of the sparkle lake.

With a smile and a giggle, poor weasel is smitten... but the feeling is mutual. But with the smiting, she takes advantage of the situation, and pry’s much more lore from weasel than he should probably tell.
As he had guessed, she held connection with the deep black, and as the mortal of void... his love for her was instinctive. As was she tied to him... the dance finally continuing.

At the end of the day, in the setting sun, oaths are reinforced... their tone resonating into the harmony. And with a single kiss... weasel in human skin bounds off to swap skins, before human gets wise to what happened.

Getting there just in time to look like nothing had happened, human in weasel skin arrives with minutes to spare. After a few minutes and in a flurry of wiggles and a ZOT, soon the human was looking down at weasel. Their bodies swapped.

"Did you find what you seek?" weasel said with a smile.

"I did indeed, and of your day?"

"Was pleasant indeed, learned something I had wanted to know"

"Then our deal is done, and I will return with lore"

"Before you leave, there is one thing more. The price dear human... its time to pay"

A look of shock the human stares in dismay

"The secret I told you, the one that caused fear... into each of your sons and daughters at their birth...

Whisper it into their ear."

With a laugh and a bounce, and the nice piece of flint. Weasel disappeared eyes a glint.

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Demented Faerytails... (prolog)
So I’d like to take you somewhere. Not to a galaxy far far away or once upon a time. But a lil corner of the aether that I just finished creating. Trust me you’ll like it.

Im not going to get into time or actual details, just know that this place is out there. Kinda like the uncle toms’ brier patch. So just openen up that lil peeper of a third eye and lets go there.

So lets start with a big formless gray nothing (like the aether is if you cant quite remember what it looks like in natural state) and now simply add a sweeping line of silver. Nice and kinda round. Now a nice fluffy happy sun dawn kinda like outta the teletubbys. Sparkle in ripples along the silver line to make a lake. Welcome to sparkle lake.

Now around the lake lets add some classical northern Canadian woods. A good mix of evergreens and leafy trees. Add some glacier scrape and a couple of rocks around and poof we're there. Now there’s one last little detail to add. On the south shore of the lake, on a bit of a rise that’s there put a big pine. Like a big mother fucking pine. Think kinda like something the group of seven would trek out and paint on a regular basis but not as faggy.

Now living in the woods of this idealist lil place is all the critters of the woods. Beavers building his dam, Otters fucking around in the water, Bears in his blueberry patch, Owls hanging out in the branches of the big pine, Fox is hunting Rabbit you know the usual Disney esq wilderness scene.

Now wakening up outta his little warm burrow, giving a big yawn scratching behind his ear with his back foot and looking up at the sun with a squinty eye is Weasel. Who honestly is wondering where the fuck he is and why the hell it’s so bright. Not the protagonist or the antagonist really but he drives the stories somewhat.

"So..." says the lil guy "where the fuck can I get a cup of coffee around here?"

About 20 minutes later as the sun continues to rise and the sunlight plays across the water all sparkly like; we find Badger wandering along the rocky south shore on his way to work. As he stops to pile rocks into interesting patterns Weasel holding a cup of coffee in his front paw joins him.

Badger looks up and shakes his head.

"Where the hell did you get that cup of coffee from?” Badger asks with a confused look on his face. Badger sits back and admires his work as Weasel offers him some.

"Shouldn’t you be asking why it is you know what a cup of coffee is?" Weasel asks as Badger drinks some of the coffee.

"Touché, so what have you planned for this glorious day?"

"I donno I was thinking I might go up there and see what’s there" Weasel point up at the hill across from them on the other shore.

Badger looks across the water and hands the coffee cup back to Weasel shaking his head.

"Why the heck are you gonna do that?"

"Cause I see something shiny over there"

"Listen Weasel, I gotta ask ya... why don’t you do something productive with your time?"

"Like what? Winters gone, there’s lots of food; the sun is on the field... adventure is productive AND lots of fun. Besides what else would I do? Pile rocks?"

"You could do worse."

"Totally... but if you notice I'm the one with the coffee" Weasel gives Badger ‘that’ smile and puts the coffee cup down and bounds off thru the bushes with a spring in his leap.

Badger watches Weasel leave and looks at his pile of stones with a froun.

"Maybe a better question Weasel is why the hell are we talking..."

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Thursday, November 24th, 2005
8:41 am
ive been haveing weird dreams as of late, which is a good thing.

a chunk of them involve spending time with "Mother Weasel" as she imparts wisdom from the hearth side.

heres the bits that ive been able to keep in my head.

"Never Ever be with out the Basics for survival."
(which for me include, a good blade, zippo, 36 inches of good leather string)

"Never become to comfortable with anything."

"Remeber that there are more of you than you think, and some of them dont have the wisdom or the honor to keep the ballence."

"Choose and Act in the same breath."

"Give mercy to those that may be saved, destroy those that have proven otherwise."
Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
2:38 pm

Book of the Weasel Book 3 Chapter 1 vers 1-5

1- lo there in the melting snow of winter,
2- his winter colours now molting, the Weasel did spy the peeking of the sun behind the grey clouds.
3- while in the depths of the season of death, there was no Fried Chickeny Goodness to be found;
4- the Weasel, lean, hungry, determined...
5- ventures forth for the long trip to farmer browns chicken coop.


Book of the Weasel Book 3 Chapter2 Verce 1

1- tempt not the wrath of the woad painted paladin weasel, for he is relentless.


Book of the Weasel, Book 5, Chapter 1, Verces 1 to 13...

1- Low did i follow the Weasel past the hidden places
2- and upon arriveing there he stopped suddenly and turn some what suprized i was there.

3- "after all you have seen and done, after all the blood, sweat and tears, why is it you continue to follow me?"

4- "because it is what im driven to do."

5- then he looks thru me for a period of time, and then showed me the mashines workings.
6- speaking as my mind realed.

7- "if you thought the cost before was too great, then youll be curseing the heavens after this.
8- youll scream into the nights sky and pray for ignorance.
9- then it will all become clear and you will find your self seperated from those that were your kind.
10- you will distane them, find them unclean and foul of mind.
11- you will want to pluck out their eye and feed it to them on a plate of their own misconceptions.
12- and then those like you will learn what you have at the same cost.
13- those that survive will be your generals.
14 those that dont will be cut short, unworthy of even building your monuments."


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Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
9:14 pm
The base princapal of WAWA
WAWA otherwise known as the World Association of Weasel Aposles.
(with a healthy nod towards Jesse Bear for the help in creating.)

theres a great backstory that goes with this.

Jesse and I were doing some pick up extras work, and during the monster 16 hour on set call; the path between extras holding and the soundstage was a long dimly lit corador.
so as we were marched from scene to scene the 160 ish extras took to making cattle sounds and other barnyard noices while wandering down this shoot. (much to the amusement of the PAs that were wrangling us)
after about 10 hours of walking, backgrounding etc you start to get a lil punch drunk, and Jeasse and I have a great tagteam improve comedy thing going on and eventualy way back in the back Jesse put on his southern preachers voice, and the barnyard sermon began.

and during that came the (now) infamous catch phase...

"Trust in the Weasel and he will provide you with fried chickeny goodness."

which is to say, if you trust your inner weasel you will get what you want... however the way you get it might not be concidered well... good.

if you think about the insurmountable odds a weasel has to go thru to get into the chicken coop, yet he still does.
from that the philosphy just builds, of which ill continue in parts.

to end the story, at about hour 14 with jesse and i in full preacher mode and getting the Amens and halaluyas from the extras cast we arive back into extras holding after a rousing "brothers and sisters He will provide you with FRIED CHICKENY GOODNESS"...

second meal that was just laied out for us was KFC for about 250 people.
needless to say, we had a few converts that day.

somepeople can call it coincedence... me? ive learned better.
1:56 pm
More Random Weasel bits...
(some of this is repeated because it comes from multiple sorces (theres even some random gameing stuff in here too))



The Weasel has a long, sleek, thin body enabling it to squeeze into narrow spaces. This medicine can help you to get out of tight fixes and squeeze through and into areas of life that others can't.

Weasel people are often loners. They are able to uncover a lot about the people in their lives by being silent and watching. This will enable you to sniff out other's secrets. Trust your own senses about others and you will come out allright.

People with Weasel as a totem have a knack for going for the throat of those who threaten or try to best them. Once they attack, they will hold on until the damage is done.
Weasel people will attack in some way when angered especially with verbal assaults.

Weasel medicine teaches you to be silent and observant. It will show you how to avoid trouble. Weasel can also teach you how to pursue your goals with success.

Stealth, Silent Observation

This totem is a difficult power totem to have. It is a rare gift and great ability.
Weasel medicine can teach you to find out secrets through the power of silent observation.

Most Weasel people are loners, graceful, solitary and silent. They are very intelligent.
People do not see their power immediately and often underestimate them.

Weasel totem will awaken your innate ability for observation.
Trust your own instincts and you will avoid trouble and pursue your goals to greatest success.
Use your Weasel medicine to observe what or who needs attention and offer assistance in your quiet or discreet way.

Weasel Medicine
The Wisdom Of The Weasel Totam:
- Stealth
- Cunning
- Ingenuity
- Keen observation
- Ability to see hidden reasons behind things
- Power of observation

One who has this animal for their spirit guide is one to watch and learn from. When one is touched by the medicine of a person with this totem he learns what cunning and observation is all about. These are the aspects which I pay tribute to the Weasel Totem.

Weasel medicine gives us the ability to look for hidden meanings, and reasons. Weasel energy gives us the power to discern what is really being said so that we are not taken in by those who would try to manipulate and control us.


The Weasel

The weasel looks behind the scenes and recognizes all the little details that lead to a great event. For this reason, it was very common for kings in the past to wear garments made of ermine or weasel fur. People who possess the powers of the weasel are often underestimated, since their sense of discretion does not allow them to reveal their insights. In the business world, they are usually without match, since their acute powers of observation always render their competitors' intentions transparent.

Nevertheless, the weasel is a difficult power totem. Often, those who have the powers of the weasel feel a degree of responsibility for what they notice about others. Many just want to be left in peace, and some even want to lead the life of a hermit because, in the end, knowing too much can make a person lonely and become a real burden.

You can invoke the powers of the weasel to discover the background to a problem.

WEASEL - Hunts under deep snow with cunning, stealth and great fierceness. Invoke for fearlessness and power.


The Weasel

The weasel looks behind the scenes and recognizes all the little details that lead to a great event. For this reason, it was very common for kings in the past to wear garments made of ermine or weasel fur. People who possess the powers of the weasel are often underestimated, since their sense of discretion does not allow them to reveal their insights. In the business world, they are usually without match, since their acute powers of observation always render their competitors' intentions transparent.

Nevertheless, the weasel is a difficult power totem. Often, those who have the powers of the weasel feel a degree of responsibility for what they notice about others. Many just want to be left in peace, and some even want to lead the life of a hermit because, in the end, knowing too much can make a person lonely and become a real burden.

You can invoke the powers of the weasel to discover the background to a problem.



Characteristics: Weasel is agile, wiry-muscled and possessed of a cunning mind. A loner who
follows no code of honor, all he concerns himself with is the fulfillment of his own desires. Nothing
is below Weasel; he lies, steals, cheats and would even sell his own grandmother to get what he
Favored Environment: Forest
Advantages: +2 dice to Combat and Detection Spells; +2 dice for conjuring Forest Spirits.
Disadvantages: Weasel often overestimates himself. In combat, or any situation where a Weasel
Shaman is losing, he must make a Willpower Success Test with a Target Number 4 to back off.


* +2d FOREST spirits
* +4d ILLUSION spells


Weasel is thought of by many as the archetypal thief, but in reality that's Raccoon. Weasel is just the master of stealth and evasion. He uses his skill at disguising appearances to help in in his hunting. Weasel shamans take great delight in confusing, confounding, and ditching people for the fun of it. Weasel shamans also tend to run at high levels of energy, bouncing off walls if contained or bottled up for long.


Weasel shamans tend to be loners. They've also gained a rather undeserved reputation as thieves and back-stabbers, which is not necessarily true. Their reputation as incessant pranksters with weird and often sick senses of humor IS true, however. Weasel shamans also have a subconscious tendency to lie, or at least exaggerate-- to others, and to themselves. It's not like they mean to....
Weasel: (ferret): Keen, tricky, stealth, sees hidden reasons, revenge, cunning, playful, can hang out and just observe


The Ancient Ones believed there was communication between human`s and animal`s.We can communicate to animals as long as we are still and hear our guides speaking to us.
The Shaman of our clan`s named us after many Great Spirit Animals and Insect`s through what comes to them during Vision quest they will consider a member of the community for a name for this seeker.
this was Like rebirth process Done During Great sacred Rite.
The ceremony is a community event and a great feast is held where they give thank`s for Ancient ones in their presence,blessing of the clan member recieving the name and welcoming them after rebirth to their native name(power name)
Weasel:to be sly and avoid negative encounters,to use wit not anger.


Land otter, coop-plunderer, totem of thieves,
Icon of snakes and patron of sieves.
A serpent with feet. Guttersnipe mink.
A jack-in-the-song driving farmers to drink.


Weasel's Wisdom Includes:
Keen observation
Ability to see hidden reasons behind things
Power of observation

When we begin to live in Harmony with All Our Relations, we begin to take notice of the messages and symbols that are sent to us on a regular basis. The animals around us exhibit certain behavior patterns that can impart knowledge to those who are willing to listen. Each and every creature has wisdom to impart to the human race, lessons that can be applied to life. They are true role models.

"The birds and beasts, the trees and rocks, are the work of some great power. Sometimes men say that they can understand the meaning of the songs of the birds. I can believe this is true. They say that they can understand the call and cry of the animals, and I can believe this also is true, for these creatures and man are alike, the work of a greater power.... we believe that he [Creator] is everywhere."
~Chased By Bears~

A healing process begins when we strive to gain understanding from our animal brothers and sisters. The lessons they present relate to being human, vulnerable, and seeking harmony with all that exists. They come in subtle ways and therefore must be approached with humility and intuitiveness.

Weasel Medicine is the Medicine of Stealth. Weasel teaches us of observation, being aware of your surroundings, and "knowing" things simply by observing them. Use the Stealth of Weasel to observe your surroundings, noticing what needs your attention and what doesn't.

1:55 pm
Random Weasel Facts.
"Now you see it now you don’t" - might be the best description of all that most people see of a ferret, stoat or weasel.

Weasels are the smallest of the three mustelids, with a thin, muscular body and a small head. Its colouring is very like the stoat, but with a more red-brown coat, and a shorter tail.

Weasels, although small, will attack prey much larger than themselves.

They kill most of their prey underground.

It is an extremely fierce fighter, killing its prey with a sharp bite behind the ear.

A male weasel is known as a dog, a buck, a Jack, or a hob.

A female weasel is actually known as a Jane, a doe, or a bitch.

The correct term for a group of weasels is, in fact, "gang."

Weasels will usually make their dens in the nests of former prey.

Weasels are active at any time of day or night, and intersperse periods of activity with a rest period. They feed mainly on small rodents, rabbits, birds and eggs, killing prey with a bite to the neck. Their small size enables them to enter the tunnels of mice and voles whilst hunting, and they often take over the nests of their prey, lining their dens with fur from prey during cold weather. A number of dens will be used within the home range. Males and females occupy separate territories, and defend these against members of the opposite sex. During spring, males move around in search of a mate. The male and female often fight prior to copulation, and the male grabs the female by the neck before he mates. A single litter of between 4 and 6 naked, blind and deaf kits is produced each year; the kits are weaned after 3 to 4 weeks and begin to hunt well by 8 weeks of age, often accompanying their mother to hunt in 'gangs'. By 9 to 12 weeks after birth the family group starts to split up.

Historically, weasels were believed to have magical powers, and were said to be able to bring their dead young back to life.

The weasel may be small but it is a good fighter and moves in a flash. It is a silent hunter and can approach without a sound, then rush upon its prey.

The weasel's coat changes color. The brownish summer coat turns white for the winter. Just the tip of the tail stays black.

The weasel does not have many friends. Animals much bigger than it do not dare come near. Some say the weasel will kill without reason even though it is not hungry. It is not afraid to fight a bear or a porcupine.

Weasels are as curious as racccons. They look under every bush and sneak into holes.

The Weasel war dance is a behavior of extremely excited Weasels. The war dance usually follows play or the successful capture of a toy or a stolen object. It consists of a frenzied series of sideways hops, often accompanied by an arched backs, panting or hissing noises, or a frizzy tail.

Although the weasel war dance may make a ferret appear frightened or angry, they are often just excited and are usually harmless to humans.
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