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Demented Faerytails... (prolog)

So I’d like to take you somewhere. Not to a galaxy far far away or once upon a time. But a lil corner of the aether that I just finished creating. Trust me you’ll like it.

Im not going to get into time or actual details, just know that this place is out there. Kinda like the uncle toms’ brier patch. So just openen up that lil peeper of a third eye and lets go there.

So lets start with a big formless gray nothing (like the aether is if you cant quite remember what it looks like in natural state) and now simply add a sweeping line of silver. Nice and kinda round. Now a nice fluffy happy sun dawn kinda like outta the teletubbys. Sparkle in ripples along the silver line to make a lake. Welcome to sparkle lake.

Now around the lake lets add some classical northern Canadian woods. A good mix of evergreens and leafy trees. Add some glacier scrape and a couple of rocks around and poof we're there. Now there’s one last little detail to add. On the south shore of the lake, on a bit of a rise that’s there put a big pine. Like a big mother fucking pine. Think kinda like something the group of seven would trek out and paint on a regular basis but not as faggy.

Now living in the woods of this idealist lil place is all the critters of the woods. Beavers building his dam, Otters fucking around in the water, Bears in his blueberry patch, Owls hanging out in the branches of the big pine, Fox is hunting Rabbit you know the usual Disney esq wilderness scene.

Now wakening up outta his little warm burrow, giving a big yawn scratching behind his ear with his back foot and looking up at the sun with a squinty eye is Weasel. Who honestly is wondering where the fuck he is and why the hell it’s so bright. Not the protagonist or the antagonist really but he drives the stories somewhat.

"So..." says the lil guy "where the fuck can I get a cup of coffee around here?"

About 20 minutes later as the sun continues to rise and the sunlight plays across the water all sparkly like; we find Badger wandering along the rocky south shore on his way to work. As he stops to pile rocks into interesting patterns Weasel holding a cup of coffee in his front paw joins him.

Badger looks up and shakes his head.

"Where the hell did you get that cup of coffee from?” Badger asks with a confused look on his face. Badger sits back and admires his work as Weasel offers him some.

"Shouldn’t you be asking why it is you know what a cup of coffee is?" Weasel asks as Badger drinks some of the coffee.

"Touché, so what have you planned for this glorious day?"

"I donno I was thinking I might go up there and see what’s there" Weasel point up at the hill across from them on the other shore.

Badger looks across the water and hands the coffee cup back to Weasel shaking his head.

"Why the heck are you gonna do that?"

"Cause I see something shiny over there"

"Listen Weasel, I gotta ask ya... why don’t you do something productive with your time?"

"Like what? Winters gone, there’s lots of food; the sun is on the field... adventure is productive AND lots of fun. Besides what else would I do? Pile rocks?"

"You could do worse."

"Totally... but if you notice I'm the one with the coffee" Weasel gives Badger ‘that’ smile and puts the coffee cup down and bounds off thru the bushes with a spring in his leap.

Badger watches Weasel leave and looks at his pile of stones with a froun.

"Maybe a better question Weasel is why the hell are we talking..."

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