Myke (heraldofchaos) wrote in wayoftheweasel,

The base princapal of WAWA

WAWA otherwise known as the World Association of Weasel Aposles.
(with a healthy nod towards Jesse Bear for the help in creating.)

theres a great backstory that goes with this.

Jesse and I were doing some pick up extras work, and during the monster 16 hour on set call; the path between extras holding and the soundstage was a long dimly lit corador.
so as we were marched from scene to scene the 160 ish extras took to making cattle sounds and other barnyard noices while wandering down this shoot. (much to the amusement of the PAs that were wrangling us)
after about 10 hours of walking, backgrounding etc you start to get a lil punch drunk, and Jeasse and I have a great tagteam improve comedy thing going on and eventualy way back in the back Jesse put on his southern preachers voice, and the barnyard sermon began.

and during that came the (now) infamous catch phase...

"Trust in the Weasel and he will provide you with fried chickeny goodness."

which is to say, if you trust your inner weasel you will get what you want... however the way you get it might not be concidered well... good.

if you think about the insurmountable odds a weasel has to go thru to get into the chicken coop, yet he still does.
from that the philosphy just builds, of which ill continue in parts.

to end the story, at about hour 14 with jesse and i in full preacher mode and getting the Amens and halaluyas from the extras cast we arive back into extras holding after a rousing "brothers and sisters He will provide you with FRIED CHICKENY GOODNESS"...

second meal that was just laied out for us was KFC for about 250 people.
needless to say, we had a few converts that day.

somepeople can call it coincedence... me? ive learned better.
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