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(One of the things I love about these is there’s no chronological order)

Come round chillens and sit yerself down, and ill tell you a tail of when weasel learned to wear some new skin.

One-day weasel was skipping along the forest, along the right side of Sparkle Lake. As he turns around a wider tree he bumps straight into a human. They pause for a few moments and regard each other. The human dressed in buckskin leathers, accompanied with a staff, some trinkets and bones charged with respect and belief. After a few moments of blinking the human speaks.

"Oh great weasel, ive traveled from my village to seek out the answers of the questions we seek. Do me the honor of the wisdom of the forest..."

Now weasel usually doesn’t mind yapping his head off, but wisdom really isn’t his forte. Really, when he’s the voice of reason, there’s usually cause for alarm. That and spending the day vision questing wasn’t really in his itinerary for the day. With a quick thought, weasel remembered something that he had dug out of the darkness a while ago.

'Yes’ he thought 'that would do nicely' and puts down his cup of coffee.

"Human," he says "I will do you one better, I will teach you something new... then you can experience what you seek first hand. But there is a cost, and a trade can be performed."

"Name your price, creature... I will pay it."

"Heh... I figured as much... in trade ill take your rock of sparks... now bend down so I can teach you"

"Agreed." says the human thinking the cost of flint was cheep

Weasel scampered up the human cloths and leaned in close to his ear and whispered. The human’s eyes opened in fear.

In a brief few minutes, weasel taught the human the right dance. And in a flurry of wiggles and a ZOT, soon the human was looking up at weasel. Their bodies swapped.

"There you go human, one weasel skin. The forest behind you is filled with the lore you seek, just tell them who you are, and they will teach you." says weasel his hand flipping the flint subconsciously.

"And what will you do while im gone?"

"I will wait here for you, you have until the setting of the sun... when the last sparkle stops on the lake if we are not together it will get interesting." weasel in the human skin, flashes a lil sly smile. Knowing that that’s not the really the case.

With a bound human in the weasel skin bounds off, eager to search for answers. Weasel in the human skin plays with the flint for a few minutes, waiting till humans far enough away; then turns and jogs towards the village a gleam in his eye.

Now needless to say, human in the weasel suit seeks out all the animals of the forest, and learns the wisdom he can from them... but we already know those stories...

Weasel in human skin gets to the edge of the village and wonders how this will go. Remembering he’s wearing the skin of their spooky guy he figures the truth might be the best bet. Stepping into clearing

"Behold! I am weasel! Here to learn what I can and pass on what I will."

The village stops for a few moments and regards weasel in human skin, then raises their voice in cheer. In a few minutes, weasel is taken into the chief’s tent and a feast is prepared in his honor. Weasel never one to pass up a good party, partakes of the delicacies that they provide.

During the feast Weasels eye is drawn to the chiefs daughter, whose dark eyes twinkle with the stars of the nights sky. Often he catches her eye and gets a smile. After the feast, he takes her aside to the edges of the sparkle lake.

With a smile and a giggle, poor weasel is smitten... but the feeling is mutual. But with the smiting, she takes advantage of the situation, and pry’s much more lore from weasel than he should probably tell.
As he had guessed, she held connection with the deep black, and as the mortal of void... his love for her was instinctive. As was she tied to him... the dance finally continuing.

At the end of the day, in the setting sun, oaths are reinforced... their tone resonating into the harmony. And with a single kiss... weasel in human skin bounds off to swap skins, before human gets wise to what happened.

Getting there just in time to look like nothing had happened, human in weasel skin arrives with minutes to spare. After a few minutes and in a flurry of wiggles and a ZOT, soon the human was looking down at weasel. Their bodies swapped.

"Did you find what you seek?" weasel said with a smile.

"I did indeed, and of your day?"

"Was pleasant indeed, learned something I had wanted to know"

"Then our deal is done, and I will return with lore"

"Before you leave, there is one thing more. The price dear human... its time to pay"

A look of shock the human stares in dismay

"The secret I told you, the one that caused fear... into each of your sons and daughters at their birth...

Whisper it into their ear."

With a laugh and a bounce, and the nice piece of flint. Weasel disappeared eyes a glint.

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