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Random Weasel Facts.

"Now you see it now you don’t" - might be the best description of all that most people see of a ferret, stoat or weasel.

Weasels are the smallest of the three mustelids, with a thin, muscular body and a small head. Its colouring is very like the stoat, but with a more red-brown coat, and a shorter tail.

Weasels, although small, will attack prey much larger than themselves.

They kill most of their prey underground.

It is an extremely fierce fighter, killing its prey with a sharp bite behind the ear.

A male weasel is known as a dog, a buck, a Jack, or a hob.

A female weasel is actually known as a Jane, a doe, or a bitch.

The correct term for a group of weasels is, in fact, "gang."

Weasels will usually make their dens in the nests of former prey.

Weasels are active at any time of day or night, and intersperse periods of activity with a rest period. They feed mainly on small rodents, rabbits, birds and eggs, killing prey with a bite to the neck. Their small size enables them to enter the tunnels of mice and voles whilst hunting, and they often take over the nests of their prey, lining their dens with fur from prey during cold weather. A number of dens will be used within the home range. Males and females occupy separate territories, and defend these against members of the opposite sex. During spring, males move around in search of a mate. The male and female often fight prior to copulation, and the male grabs the female by the neck before he mates. A single litter of between 4 and 6 naked, blind and deaf kits is produced each year; the kits are weaned after 3 to 4 weeks and begin to hunt well by 8 weeks of age, often accompanying their mother to hunt in 'gangs'. By 9 to 12 weeks after birth the family group starts to split up.

Historically, weasels were believed to have magical powers, and were said to be able to bring their dead young back to life.

The weasel may be small but it is a good fighter and moves in a flash. It is a silent hunter and can approach without a sound, then rush upon its prey.

The weasel's coat changes color. The brownish summer coat turns white for the winter. Just the tip of the tail stays black.

The weasel does not have many friends. Animals much bigger than it do not dare come near. Some say the weasel will kill without reason even though it is not hungry. It is not afraid to fight a bear or a porcupine.

Weasels are as curious as racccons. They look under every bush and sneak into holes.

The Weasel war dance is a behavior of extremely excited Weasels. The war dance usually follows play or the successful capture of a toy or a stolen object. It consists of a frenzied series of sideways hops, often accompanied by an arched backs, panting or hissing noises, or a frizzy tail.

Although the weasel war dance may make a ferret appear frightened or angry, they are often just excited and are usually harmless to humans.
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